Virtual COM Port Redirectors

for Microsoft Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP/2012/2008/2003/2000 

                for server & user applications     
                in the datacenter & on the desktop
 native & virtual environments

Amazon Web Services       VMware

Access networked serial devices


Start "dialing" TCP/IP endpoints


Share centralized modems

Serial/IP® COM Port Redirector

Virtual COM ports connect automatically

Remote serial devices appear local

Compatible with 40+ server manufacturers

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COM/IP® COM Port Redirector

Virtual COM ports accept "AT" commands

Dialed number is an IP address

Connects to any TCP/IP endpoint

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DialOut/EZ® COM Port Redirector

Use modems from hosted apps,

      virtual machines & PCs

Aggregate multiple modem servers

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Try Tactical's redirector technology today

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   arrow Fast and reliable, proven in thousands of applications worldwide
 arrow Supports all major multi-user and virtualized platforms
 arrow Uses non-proprietary TCP/IP protocols with RFC 2217 COM Port Control
 arrow 100% kernel-level data path, no Windows service overhead
 arrow Up to 4,096 virtual COM ports with a high-performance redirector driver
 arrow Backed by Tactical's in-house application engineers and support experts
 arrow Free SSL option available upon request

Build your own modem server

TacServe® COM Port Server

Enterprise-class modem server software

Advanced features for control and security

DialOut/EZ Redirector included

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